Specialty Pillows

Enhance your comfort by adding non-traditional sleeping pillows into the mix.

Body Pillows promote alignment of the spine and hips to relieve joint pressure. Ideal for pregnancy, post-surgery, or joint and back pain, this body pillow helps take away pressure wherever you need it to. Sleeping with a body pillow has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Ideal pillow for cuddling, sleeping, and relaxing.
The Hamvay-Láng Neck Roll Pillow has a cylindrical shape that provides exceptional head and neck support, which is ideal for back and side sleepers. Also can be used as a back support pillow, under the knees when back sleeping, and between the knees, or under the arm for side sleeping.

Our Decorative Pillow Inserts are beautifully crafted down and feather pillow inserts to go in your decorative sham, throw pillow, or sofa pillow.

Made in Hungary
Original Hungarian Goose Down
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Ethically sourced down
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