FAQ about Pillow

Which pillow is the best for side sleepers?

For side sleepers, all of our pillows could be suitable. If you prefer more support (head elevation) the PureComfort or Chamber pillow is a better option. Our PureDelight (100% down) pillow is a good choice if you do not require much support. They are the softest which means they are deep, therefore the head will almost be in the same line as the body.

Which pillow is the best for back sleepers?

Back sleepers usually require firmer pillows to horizontally align their head with their body. The Chamber pillow provides the perfect neck support.

Which pillow is the best for tummy sleepers?

PureDelight, our softest pillow is the most suitable for tummy sleepers.

How is the Chamber pillow constructed?

Chamber Pillow is made of two chambers: the inner one contains fine, but firm goose feathers, while the outer chamber is filled with the finest goose down.

What is the difference between PureDelight and PureComfort pillows?

PureDelight pillows contain 95-98% down. PureComfort pillows contain 70% down and 30% soft feathers to achieve firmer support.

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