Goose Down Bedding for Kids

Our kids' bedding is comfortable, durable, and has all the necessary safety certifications.

The kids' bedding products are filled with white goose down. The shell is made of silky sateen edged with delicate piping. Authentic top quality inside and out adds up to a perfect combination of rest and pampering.

  • Premium Hungarian white goose down
  • Shell crafted from 100% cotton with a high sheen sateen finish
  • Anti-allergen fabric – ideal for those with dust allergies
  • ”Downproof” fabric and stitching guaranteed to keep all the down safely inside
  • Custom sizes are available
  • All our products have Oeko-Tex and Nomite certifications

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Kids' Bedding

Kids grow and develop during sleep both physically and mentally. Ensuring a peaceful night’s rest, therefore, should be a top priority for every parent. The bedding at Hamvay-Láng is perfect for your growing little ones. Our expertly handcrafted comforters and pillows provide the optimum support and comfort your child needs. We specialize in goose down toddler pillows and comforters suitable for all seasons, ages, and personal preferences.

Kids' Down Comforter and Pillow

Choosing quality kids’ bedding is essential for your child’s comfort during the night. Apart from introducing a regular bedtime routine, it’s also necessary to ensure an optimal sleeping environment. One way of doing so is finding the perfect pillow and comforter for kids’ bedding collections. Only choose the highest quality products when it comes to ensuring your precious one’s sleep quality. The bedding should be comfortable, durable, and have all the necessary safety certifications.

The temperature plays a significant role in your child’s sleep environment too. A comforter’s fill weight, tog rating, and other characteristics should match the current climate or season. Hamvay-Láng comforters for kids come in the all-season edition to meet the needs of children worldwide. Many parents have a hard time choosing between down and synthetic materials. Down comforters are better than synthetic fillings due to the higher insulation properties of down. The material is also a better insulator than synthetic and more suitable for cold climates.

Finally, you shouldn’t neglect the size and durability of the comforter. Make sure your child’s bed and the comforter are of matching size to ensure equal coverage and maximum comfort during the night. Go for durable solutions to ensure maximum value for investment. Kids aren’t always gentle with their belongings, and wear and tear, spills, and other types of damage should be expected. 

What are Hamvay-Láng Kids Bedding Like? 

Hamvay-Láng specializes in high-end, durable, long-lasting kids' down comforter and pillow production. We use the highest quality Hungarian goose down, known for its warmth and exceptional insulation properties.

Our pillows designed for children have a fill power of 800+, a 100% sateen cotton cover, and a 405 true thread count. Our junior pillows are 16 inches x 20 inches (or 40 cm x 50 cm). The fill weight of our junior pillows is 250 grams or 8.8 ounces.
Hamvay-Láng kids comforters have a fill power of 800+, 405 true thread count, and 100% sateen cotton cover. The dimensions of the all-season (10.5 tog) junior comforter are 36 inches x 55 inches (or 90 cm x 140 cm). The fill weight of the child comforter is 300 grams or 10.6 ounces.

The comforters, pillows, and all Hamvay-Láng products have Nomite certification for hypoallergenic materials and an Oeko-Tex Standard certificate proving no harmful substances were present in the construction. Use our comforters for big and small family members without fear of it causing allergies or having any adverse health effects. Hamvay-Láng focuses on quality and safety above all else!

Hamvay-Láng also accepts special sizing requests. If your child’s bed doesn’t follow standard bed dimensions, you can let us know so we can tailor the perfect comforter and pillow for their needs.

Caring for Your Down Bedding

Proper maintenance of kids' bedding is crucial to ensure its longevity and quality. Hamvay-Láng bedding is easy to care for, making it a convenient choice for parents. It's best to have it professionally cleaned for optimal results, but if you have enough space, you can also wash the comforter in a large sink. Regularly fluffing the pillows and airing out the comforter maintain their quality and extend their lifespan. Consider the care level together with thermal characteristics, insulation levels, size, and weight to make the best bedding equipment purchase for your little ones.

What Makes Hamvay-Láng Kids' Bedding Special? 

  • High-quality Hungarian goose down with a super lightweight and comfortable structure
  • Carefully designed – 100% handmade products
  • Natural materials – We use the finest natural materials
  • Eco-friendly – Our materials are ethically sourced
  • Money-Back Guarantee – We will refund you the purchase of Hamvay-Láng bedding if you aren’t satisfied with the product


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