Hungarian Goose Down - Nature's Finest

A soft, warm, gentle embrace... You simply have to feel it. Sometimes there are no words to describe a sensation. But there is always science to explain it.

Down clusters – tiny feathers with no quills – grow closest to the skin of the goose, where their main function is to maintain the body heat. They perform the same function when filled into bedding – to insulate and keep you warm.

The best insulating materials are those that have integrated air pockets. This is exactly how down works:

➔ The down lightly clusters together, but also lets air pass through its filaments
➔ This makes the bedding breathable plus the air trapped between the tiny filaments also provides insulation
➔ The more the tiny filaments cling together, the better thermal insulation the fill will offer

This is why the structure of down is of key importance and this is where Hungarian down really excels. Thanks to its substance and structure, goose down is the best natural thermal insulator, providing for superior lightness, softness and warmth of the bedding, and making your dreams feather-light.

And since we’re a bedding company located in Hungary, you can rest easy knowing that our products are 100% original Hungarian goose down. We proudly source our down directly from the best suppliers in the country to deliver the finest goose down bedding to you.