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At Hamvay-Láng, we are committed to perfection in our goose down pillows. That’s why we offer two lines of down pillows to best serve the needs and wants of our valued customers.

Our PureDelight pillows are filled with white Hungarian goose down. The
 shell is made of silky sateen edged with a delicate piping, and an authentic top quality inside and out add up to a perfect combination of rest and pampering.


With the PureHealth line, we’ve created pillows for health-conscious customers, including those with allergy issues. PureHealth goose down pillows have a special antibacterial shell made of 98% cotton and 2% silver. They are made from grey goose down, which is identical to white goose down in quality and heat retention and differs only in color.


The silver lining in the covering of our goose down pillows offers a number of advantages:

  • Silver inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.

  • This antibacterial power works exceptionally in linens, which get soiled fast under normal situation.

  • Silver is a known heat conductor, and this allows for an optimal down pillow temperature and comfort.

  • Silver increases the water, oil, and soil resistant qualities of goose down pillows. This makes it resistant to wrinkling and microbes, fresher to the touch, and easier to clean.

A Name and Quality You Can Trust

When shopping for the best down pillows, you’ve got many options, and we thank you for choosing Hamvay-Láng. Our family-owned Hungarian company delights in sharing our country’s authentic goose down with people around the world. Hamvay-Láng aims to deliver quality craftsmanship while helping people get a great night’s sleep. Our goose down pillows are simply among the best, featuring 100% real Hungarian goose down and natural materials. Each of our pillows is handmade, so you can rest assured that you are getting a truly remarkable goose down pillow. Since we’re located in Hungary, you’ll always get the best down pillows with true down that you can cherish for years to come.


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Tired of struggling to find the perfect pillow? We understand the challenge. That’s why we’ve created our goose down pillows. Each of our goose down pillows has been crafted to help create the perfect sleep experience. We’ve taken into account the varying factors of sleep, ranging from the softness of the pillow to temperature control, and that’s what makes our goose down pillows different. Each of our pillows is made with the height of design and consideration to ensure you get the best down pillows you’ll find anywhere.


We deliver bedding perfection

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