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Give the term ‘a good night’s sleep’ a new meaning with Hamvay-Láng luxurious goose down comforters. Made from exceptional quality Hungarian goose down and 100% natural materials, our Twin, Queen, and King down comforters are soft and luxurious to the touch.

As a family-owned and run company, we pour our meticulous attention to detail and hand-craft every goose down comforter we offer. We place emphasis on the unrivaled quality of each and every one of our down comforters for king and queen. Our fantastic range of Hungarian white goose down comforters is manufactured with only natural materials and outstanding Hungarian goose down for your 100% satisfaction. Long-lasting, durable and exceptionally soft, our goose down comforters are an investment in your sleep’s health.

With their excellent insulation properties, our goose down comforters keep you warm during the chillier nights without weighing you down – for a truly remarkable experience that ensures you wake up rested day after day. Lightweight, soft and exceptionally warm, our goose down comforters come with a guarantee for a good night sleep.


hungarian down comforter


Hamvay-Láng PureDelight duvets and comforters are filled with white Hungarian goose down, offering an authentic goose down comforter for anyone craving the look and feel of authentic down. The shell is made with a silky sateen edged with delicate piping to create the softest feel possible. Authentic, luxury quality inside and out adds up to a perfect combination of rest and pampering. If you’ve been searching for a down comforter for your Twin, Queen or King bed, then look no further.

PureHealth duvets and comforters have been designed for those with health concerns, such as allergies, who want to rest easy yet experience amazing quality. This line includes goose down comforters with a special antibacterial shell made of 98% cotton and 2% silver. Each product is comprised of grey goose down, which is the same as white goose down in quality and heat retention – the only difference is the color.


The health benefits of silver in the covering:

  • Silver in goose down comforters inhibits bacteria and fungal growth.

  • This antibacterial power is useful in applications such as linen, in which the fabric gets soiled faster than other surfaces under normal circumstances.

  • Silver is a heat conductor, creating an optimal environment for joints while providing enhanced comfort.

  • Silver increases the water, oil, and soil repellent qualities of a fabric, makes it resistant to wrinkling and microbes and keeps it fresher to the touch and easier to clean.


A Name and Quality You Can Trust

HAMVAY-LÁNG is a family-owned Hungarian company that delights in sharing Hungarian goose down with people across the globe. Driven by quality craftsmanship and the passionate pursuit of helping people achieve the perfect night’s sleep, HAMVAY-LÁNG crafts one of the finest Hungarian goose down comforters and duvets in the world. We use 100% real Hungarian goose down and natural materials and each HAMVAY-LÁNG product is hand-made so you can feel good about your purchase and be assured it is of the highest quality. And since we are located in Hungary and source our down from here, you can be assured you are getting an authentic goose down comforter that you will cherish for years to come.


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience!

Simply put, Hamvay-Láng goose down comforters equate to bedding perfection. Our team of bedding experts has committed time and research into creating the perfect comforters for those who want an authentic down comforter for their Twin, Queen or King bed. We understand that new bedding is an investment, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that you get the most from your money with Hamvay-Láng products. If you have any questions or concerns with your new goose down comforter, we urge you to reach out to our friendly customer support team, who is always available to answer your questions.


We deliver bedding perfection


A good sleep requires high-quality bedding


After a tiring day, we simply need real rest. A calming, soft, warm, cozy feeling. A calming, deep sleep.

A pre-requisite to this is high-quality bedding. And there is no high-quality bedding without a good duvet. But what is the strong point of a good duvet? What’s in it?


The goose down

A slow (sleepy, pun intended) process of the last centuries has been the conquest of the goose feather.
In particular, using goose down as filling material has become especially popular. 
It used to be very expensive, but fortunately, it is much more affordable nowadays. But it is quite work-intensive. One goose yields just a good handful of down for use in duvets.

Therefore, breeders, producers, and manufacturers of the product work hard every day to create the best quality. But it is worth it! Because it is the goose down that has by far the best thermal characteristics. Other feathers (including duck feather) are no match for it.

The 2 million down fibers per one handful give the most perfect duvet filling material in nature. It retains heat, ventilates greatly, and is soft and excellently washable. It incorporates everything synthetic filling materials only try to achieve, but in fact, are nowhere near it.
All in all, goose down is the best comforter filling material.

Down is the finest part of the goose plumage. But it still matters, which one you choose.


Why is Hungarian goose down the best in the world?

The climate in Eastern Central Europe has always been special.
Among the extremes of the four seasons, the breath of hot summers, the cold winters, large temperature changes and quickly changing humidity, there has been only one thing that remained constant: that those living here had to adapt. 
The plumage of Hungarian geese also adapted to these circumstances. They do not give an inch to sudden weather changes.

During the past centuries, significant experience and knowledge have been gained, so Hungarian breeders were able to select the very best from the best adapting goose breeds.

We hope this makes it clear: not all goose feathers are created equal.

It is almost genetically coded in Hungarian geese that they produce the finest bedding filling material. Passing down the best characteristics is a natural guarantee of quality. This is completed by the market knowledge of the breeders acting in the area and by constant experimentation. And the results speak for themselves.

Hungarian goose down is a better, warmer and finer base material than any of its competitors. It is one of the most sought-after products in its class worldwide. A real Hungaricum.


Therefore, it is important that you order duvets only from well-referenced, reliable suppliers, and always choose original Hungarian goose down duvets.


What are the advantages of using Hamvay-Láng duvets?

Duvets offered by Hamvay-Láng are always made of original Hungarian goose down. If you buy from us, you will always get what you pay for.

We guarantee quality. Our products are not Chinese nor fake Hungarian nor of unknown or uncertain origin. They are original and Hungarian. Our headquarters are located in Budapest, and our suppliers operate in several regions of Hungary.

Our duvets and comforters are of the best quality.
We do not use duck feathers nor feathers from other birds as filing materials. Some manufacturers do it quite often. But duck feather is, being cheaper, not washable as easily, retains heat much less, not nearly as soft,...
All in all, it is no match for goose feather.

Goose down is soft, keeps the body heat naturally well. It is soft, fine and comfortable.
A dream duvet. Filled with Hungarian goose down, made by the climate of our country into the world’s best base material.

It goes without saying that we put only the finest down into our bedding. 
Carefully hand-picked. Then washed with clean spring water. Moreover, we always take care of both our products and our environment. During manufacturing, we do not use chemicals at all.

Our duvets are filled with Hungarian goose down at a filling grade (fill power) of 800+. This is what surrounds the body of a sleeping person. Goose down is mixed with air – the best thermal insulator – at an optimum ratio, which results in a natural, lightweight, breathing, comfortably warm bedding.

Relaxing, refreshing and naturally regenerating rest for many years to come.

And, in order to make your sleep even more relaxing, we sell our duvets and comforters with a money-back guarantee.


We wish you good night and active, healthy days after waking up!


Tog - science behind comfort

How is the comfort of duvets measured? Can their comfortableness and warmth be quantified?

Shirley Institute developed a unit of measure of thermal insulation of duvets and comforters which is more useful and easier to memorize than that of the standard SI system.
Its name is TOG. It looks like an acronym, but it is not. It presumably derives from ancient Roman “toga”.

The higher the TOG value, the warmer the comforter or duvet. Thermal insulation values of duvets recommended for adults:
1.5 – 4.5 TOG for summer, 7.5 – 10.5 TOG throughout the year, 12 – 15 TOG for winter.


Duvet tog rating guide


Hamvay-Láng’s PureDelight and PureHealth duvets address the most popular requirements. We recommend TOG 10.5 duvets for the whole year, while warm 13.5 TOG ones for winter.

For different requirements, please contact us!


PureDelight and PureHealth

Hamvay-Láng duvets and comforters are top-notch products, filled with original Hungarian goose down. Every product is a handmade piece of art, made of the finest materials.

Every piece is durable, soft and has a filling grade (fill power) of at least 800+.
We maintain their natural condition during processing and will not damage, nor bleach their materials. During our work, we do not use chemicals. We only wash our bedding with clean, filtered water.


They are all similar in the followings:

  • we always put the best quality goose down in your bedding, no matter you choose either PureDelight or PureHealth
  • they all contain 100% natural materials,
  • thermal characteristics, softness, and fineness of both PureDelight and PureHealth are outstanding.

 They are different in the followings: 

  • in the PureDelight duvets and comforters, the down is white, while in the PureHealth, it is gray,
  • the case of the PureDelight duvets and comforters is 100% cotton, while that of PureHealth contains 2% silver.


Detail of hamvay-láng puredelight comforter


PureDelight duvets and comforters

PureDelight duvets and comforters are made of 100% natural materials.

Even its touch is relaxing. It covers your body caringly, giving a special experience of resting and indulgence. Its case is silk-fine, glossy satin, and it is filled with white goose down.

90% of the filling material is white goose down, and the rest consists of tiny, soft goose feathers. PureDelight duvets and comforters are supplied with a 800+ fill power. Their heat transfer coefficient is 10.5 Tog, which is a perfect solution for the whole year, but an even warmer version of 13.5 Tog is also available upon request.

All our duvets and comforters are made of nomite material, therefore they provide healthy sleep even for allergics. And an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate ensures that they are free from any harmful materials.

The cover materials close perfectly and will not let down escape from the inside of the duvet. You can be sure about that.

PureDelight duvets and comforters will ensure relaxed nights and easy sleep for many, many years!


detail of hamvay-láng purehealth goose down comforter


PureHealth duvets and comforters

PureHealth duvets and comforters are the health-conscious customers’ choice.

No matter how much we care about their cleanliness, duvets and comforters are always exposed to various adverse effects. Bedding getting dirty is a natural phenomenon. Dirt may, however, also promote the proliferation of pathogens.

PureHealth case material provides protection against this. It has a natural effect. Its antibacterial case material consists of cotton in 98%, but also contains 2% silver. Silver slows down the proliferation of pathogens, fungi, and bacteria. It neutralizes negatively charged bacteria. It breaks through their cells by connecting to them, so they become unable to multiply, and soon die.

Silver also repels oil, water, and dirt. It is a precious metal but also gives you precious dreams. It feels extra clean and comfortable even to the touch.

The material of the PureHealth product family is also Nomite, which makes it perfectly suitable for those with allergies, too. It closes firmly and will never let even the finest feathers escape. It is filled with 90% gray goose down and 10% tiny, fine goose feather. Its fill power is 800 cubic inches/ounce. 

It has a heat transfer coefficient of 10.5 TOG, which is an optimum value for the whole year. However, if you are susceptible to cold, you may also choose the 13.5 TOG version.

PureHealth is a perfect combination of natural and healthy rest and guarantees active, lively daytime after relaxed nights.


You can be sure about PureDelight duvets and comforters

A great many quality reasons, excellent Hungarian suppliers, and even a money-back guarantee ensures you will be satisfied.

Our PureDelight and PureDelight duvets are available in TwinDouble, Queenor King sizes. But if you would like a different size or filling grade from our standard offer, please let us know!
We will manufacture it upon your request, and deliver it to you shortly!


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience!


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