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Our PureDelight duvets and comforters are filled with white Hungarian goose down. The shell is made of silky sateen edged with a delicate piping. Authentic top quality inside and out add up to a perfect combination of rest and pampering.

The PureHealth duvets and comforters are designed so that even our most health-conscious customers can rest easy. The products have a special antibacterial shell made of 98% cotton and 2% silver. 
They are made from grey goose down, which is identical to white goose down in quality and heat retention and differs only in color.

The health benefits of silver in the covering:

  • Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Its antibacterial power is particularly useful when it comes to linen, which gets soiled fast even under normal circumstances.
  • Silver is also a good conductor of heat, creates an optimal environment for joints and provides an enhanced sense of comfort.
  • Silver increases the water, oil and soil repellent qualities of a fabric, makes it resistant to wrinkling and microbes, fresher to the touch and easier to clean.


A Name and Quality You Can Trust

HAMVAY-LÁNG is a family-owned Hungarian company that delights in sharing Hungarian goose down with people across the globe. Driven by quality craftsmanship and the passionate pursuit of helping people achieve the perfect night’s sleep, HAMVAY-LÁNG crafts one of the finest Hungarian goose down pillows and duvets in the world. We use 100% real Hungarian goose down and natural materials, and each HAMVAY-LÁNG product is hand-made so you can feel good about your purchase and be assured it is of the highest quality. And since we are located in Hungary and source our down from here, you can be assured you are getting an authentic product that you will cherish for years to come.

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