Goose down bedding

Goose down bedding provides the ultimate sleep experience. Simultaneously insulating and trapping in warmth while being lightweight and breathable, down bedding provides an incredible sleep experience unrivaled by other bedding fill products.

When it comes to bedding filling, goose down is considered the best fill product on the market. And, more specifically, Hungarian goose down provides an even more luxurious choice thanks to its exceptional thermal qualities and softness.Goose down is incredibly insulating and very little is needed to create a super-warm comforter; you may be disconcerted by how unbelievable light a goose down-only comforter feels - like wrapping yourself up in a cloud. You'll find the most insulative and lofty comforters are filled with down from the colder climates. So even less filling is needed to achieve that all-important tog rating.

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Original Hungarian Goose Down
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Ethically sourced down
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