Which Tog / Warmth do I need?

Every bedroom is different and we know that as the temperature increases or decreases, you will want a comforter that keeps you at a comfortable temperature to ensure you get the best night's sleep. A tog is a measurement of insulation. The higher the tog, the warmer the comforter. We offer low tog comforters, which are ideal for warm weather and higher tog comforters that will keep you warm during chilly winter nights.

When those warm summer nights come around, stay cool with our summer comforters(4.5 tog). During those transitional seasons of spring and autumn, you'll want a comforter that is mid-weight or All-season (10.5 tog). When those winter winds blow through and the temperature gets cold, our winter comforters (13.5 tog) will make sure you stay nice and warm when you're snuggled up in bed.