PureComfort – an active life, a natural slumber

Living consciously, taking action, and creating value. More and more people have been adopting this lifestyle. High-quality work requires high-quality daily rest.

What you need is the PureComfort comforter and pillow. The guarantee for peaceful and healthy sleep. Superior quality inside and out, without compromise. A natural and practical choice for those who seek the very best.


The PureComfort duvet and pillow – a natural and hand-made work of art

Thanks to PureComfort bedding, bedtime feels easy, simple, and natural. Why?

PureComfort pillows and duvets are covered in 100% cotton casing and filled with the finest Hungarian goose down. Given by nature, refined by Hungarian farmers’ expertise and crafted by hand. A true Hungarian treasure. A treat for the eyes, a delight for the skin, comfort for body and soul.

PureComfort pillows and comforters are made by hand. As always, we work with the finest natural materials. The original condition of the goose down is carefully preserved during the manufacturing process. We do not damage or bleach it so that it doesn’t lose its softness and superior quality.

No chemicals are used; the down is washed with physically filtered purified water from our own well. This way we ensure that both the product and the environment remain clean and natural.


PureComfort – the quality sleep and comfort that you’ve been looking for

PureComfort pillows and comforters are filled with superior Hungarian goose down. The name says it all: natural, clean, and comfortable bedding. Outstanding quality inside and out. The natural sense of relaxation and luxury.

PureComfort Bedding

  • Cover material
    Comforters: 100% silky sateen. Pillows: 100% soft cotton.
  • Filling
    Comforters: pure gray goose down 
    Pillows: 70% gray goose down and 30% especially delicate, fine goose feathers.
  • Fill Power is at least 800 cubic inches/oz
  • The Nomite casing ensures that the bedding is also suitable for those suffering from allergies.
  • Its outstanding quality and natural cleanness are further emphasized by the silver piping.
  • Pillows: Single, Queen, King
  • Comforters: Twin, Double, Queen, King


A conscious decision, a natural choice

PureComfort is the choice of your dreams. It’s a natural and practical choice for the body and soul. Clean, healthy, and comfortable. A conscious purchase, which guarantees peaceful nights and days full of energy for years to come. 

Pure. Comfort. You will experience both when you lay your head down on PureComfort bedding. And the feeling will stay with you when you start the next day full of energy. 

    Luxury Pillows and Duvets You Will Enjoy for Years

    The combination of years of exceptional craftsmanship, the highest quality Hungarian goose down, and a passion for incredible sleep experiences have culminated in Hamvay-Láng’s line of luxurious duvets, comforters, and pillows. We provide an exceptionally curated line of products to help you achieve sleep nirvana.


    100% Hungarian Goose Down. 100% Comfort.

    When shopping for the best down bedding, you’ve got many options, and we thank you for choosing Hamvay-Láng. Our family-owned and operated Hungarian company delights in sharing our country’s authentic goose down with people around the globe. Hamvay-Láng aims to deliver quality craftsmanship while helping people get a great night’s sleep. Our goose down products are simply among the best, featuring 100% real Hungarian goose down and only natural materials. Each of our pillows, comforters, and duvets is handmade, so you can rest assured that you are getting a truly remarkable goose down bedding. Since we’re located in Hungary, you’ll always get the best down products with true down that you can cherish for years to come.


    Upgrade Your Sleep Experience!
    We deliver bedding perfection

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