Chamber Pillow – Firm support and softness

Stunning, highly crafted pillows designed for back and side sleepers who want the perfect neck support. They are made of two chambers: the inner one contains fine, but firm goose feathers, while the outer chamber is filled with the finest Hungarian goose down. They provide healthy horizontal support for the body and a natural, smooth feel for the face at the same time. The promise of a comfortable sleeping posture, healthy sleep, and a natural slumber for long years to come.

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  • Ideal for back and side sleepers
  • Outer chamber pure Hungarian goose down
  • Down may contain max 3% half-white goose down
  • Inner chamber fine goose feathers
  • Filling weight: 880g (Standard) 980g (Queen) 1350g (King)
  • Cover: 100% soft cotton
  • Downproof: fabric and double stitching guaranteed to keep down safely inside
  • Pillowcases and Pillow protectors are available
  • Cruelty-free bedding
  • Certifications:
    Nomite – Suitable for people suffering from house dust allergy
    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – ensuring that they don't contain harmful substances.

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Sleeping on a pillow that provides firm support for your spine and head? Resting on a pillow filled with the finest goose down? How about both at the same time? We’ve got you covered.

Hamvay-Láng Chamber Pillow – natural support for your head and your health

It is no wonder 100% Hungarian goose down pillows are world-famous. They are fine, soft, and natural. When you lay your head down, you will be caressed by the soft touch of the natural cotton case and fine goose down. But what happens to your spine in the meantime?

If your head sinks too deep into the pillow, your torso is no longer straight during sleep. If this posture lasts for 6-8 hours daily, it places a constant strain on your body. Instead of enjoying rest and regeneration, your spine and torso are under constant pressure.
Ideally, your head, neck, and spine should be in a horizontal position during sleep. This way none of the body parts are under strain. The forces affecting your body are evenly distributed, therefore, sleep and regeneration are much more balanced.


When it comes to pillows filled with especially fine, 100% Hungarian down, the question arises: How can these pillows retain their natural, unparalleled softness while also supporting the head, the torso, and the horizontal line of the neck and the body?

Hamvay-Láng Chamber Pillows are the perfect solution.

Our latest innovation is characterized by all the outstanding features of Hungarian goose down pillows. In addition, it provides superbly comfortable, horizontal support for a healthy sleeping posture. Especially for back and side sleepers.

Hamvay-Láng Chamber Pillows – Softness and Support.

  • Outer chamber: pure Hungarian goose down
    The outer chamber is filled with the finest Hungarian goose down. This soft outer layer is where you rest your head. It surrounds you with the smoothness and unparalleled natural fineness that is characteristic of all the best pillows filled with Hungarian goose down. 
  • Inner chamber: fine goose feathers
    Thanks to the inner chamber filled with fine goose feathers your head 'does not disappear in the pillow’. These feathers are also naturally soft, however, they are firmer than the outer down. Thus, the pillow does not flatten as soon as you lay your head on it, but gradually settles and keeps providing optimal support. Just the right amount. 

This way, your body will be straight, and the line of the neck and the torso will be horizontal. And in turn, your slumber will be much more peaceful.

Hamvay-Láng Chamber Pillow – a natural touch and firm support

Hamvay-Láng Chamber Pillows have been carefully designed. As always, we only work with the finest materials. The pillows are covered in a natural, cotton casing. They are filled with 100% Hungarian goose down on the outside, and fine goose feathers on the inside.
No chemicals, no plastic only traditional craftsmanship. The down and the feathers are washed with purified, filtered water. They are not damaged or bleached, their natural cleanness is preserved. Every step of the work is done carefully by hand.
The Nomite casing of the pillow makes it ideal for those with allergies as well plus it does not allow any of the fine down to escape.

100% Real Hungarian Goose Down. 100% Comfort.

Getting a great night’s sleep on authentic Hungarian goose down is an experience you won’t regret. Real Hungarian goose down offers an unparalleled night’s sleep, providing the comfort that you can come to expect from a genuine goose down pillow. Hamvay-Láng offers a trusted source for authentic Hungarian goose down pillows. We are located in Hungary, where we locally source goose down from trusted sellers. Each Chamber Pillow is backed by our signature money-back guarantee, and we are committed to helping you sleep perfectly. 


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Hamvay-Láng is committed to delivering you a restful night’s sleep through quality Hungarian goose down bedding products.
You no longer have to choose between natural softness or bedding that provides firm and horizontal support for your body and head. You can lay your head down and rest. Support, softness, natural comfort, and healthier sleep.


We deliver bedding perfection


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