FAQ about Comforter

What is a Japanese loop?

Japanese loop is a technique used in luxury quality comforters, our comforters have them as well.
A thin loop is sewn into the 4 corners of the comforter and the cover, which can be connected to each other so that the comforter does not slip in the cover during use.

What is the difference between PureDelight and PureComfort comforters?

The only difference between the comforters is that the PureDelight is filled with white down whereas the PureComfort is filled with gray down.

What is the down percentage of the comforters?

Our PureDelight products and PureComfort comforters contain 95-98% down. "Pure" down always contains a small amount of tiny feathers. The sorting of the down and feathers is done by weight in air currents and some very light tiny feathers can not be separated. For this same reason (they are very fine and light) the difference between 90+% and 100% down is rather theoretical. No other materials or fibers are added.

Which comforter is the best for cold sleepers?

If you are a cold sleeper, find yourself waking up in the middle of the night getting shivers, we would recommend the winter comforter. If you prefer your bedroom temperature colder but enjoy the warmth of a blanket then the All-season would be ideal.

Which comforter is the best for hot sleepers?

If you are a hot sleeper and sometimes find yourself waking up in the middle of the night sweating even with the A/C on then we recommend the Summer-weight comforter.

Is this sewn through or baffle box construction?

All of our comforters have a sewn-through construction, they are handmade and light-weight.
Baffle-box construction comforters are heavier, we discontinued keeping them as they were less popular with our customers.

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