FAQ about Goose Down

What is the difference between white and gray down?

Down can vary in color, from white to gray depending on the breed of the bird and the season in which it was harvested.
The color of down does not affect its thermal characteristics. Gray down will insulate just as well as a white down of the same size cluster and maturity.

Why Hungarian Goose Down?

Hungarian goose down is know to be the best and most luxurious worldwide.The combination of cold winters and over 1,000 years of breeding experience has resulted in a unique gene pool in Hungarian goose breeds. Colder the winter, the thicker and warmer the down will be. This explains why Hungarian goose down is among the best in the world in terms of thermal insulation.

Is it certified to be cruelty free bedding?

We work with several farmers across the country, and each of them is continuously and closely monitored.
Live-plucking is almost completely non-existent in Hungary due to severe government and European Union regulations.
Although we do not have an RDS certification yet, our customers can rest assured that all our bedding is 100% cruelty-free.

What does tog mean?

Tog is a reference to the heat insulation; it indicates how effectively a duvet insulates heat.

Are the products hypoallergenic?

All our products are OEKO-TEX and Nomite certified.
They do not contain any chemicals. They are perfectly suitable for people suffering from house dust allergy.

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