Why is Hungarian goose down the best in the world?

Animals living under different climates have different furs and feathers. Therefore, geese have different plumages, too. In Hungary, the climate has always been temperate, which means cold winters, warm summers, varying humidity, and often sudden weather changes. These circumstances required animals that live here to adapt to quickly-changing outside parameters well. This was the case for goose breeds that live here, too.
During the past centuries, professional breeders selected and bred the best examples of such goose breeds.

All in all: not all goose down is created equal.

Hungarian goose down is a unique result of breeding experience, constant experimentation, and adaptation to the special climate conditions.
All this results in a palpably better, finer, and more fitting material. It is simply more relaxing.

That is why it is important to look for pillows filled with original, reliable goose down from Hungarian sources exclusively.

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