Goose Down and Feather Neck Roll Pillow

Filled with a blend of premium Hungarian goose down and fine feathers the Hamvay-Láng Neck Roll Pillow is ideal to be used as a neck pillow for sleeping. Also can be used as a back support pillow, under the knees when back sleeping, between the knees, or under the arm for side sleeping.
Ideal for back and side sleepers.

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  • Firmness: Soft / Medium
  • Size: 6"x20" (15x50cm)
  • Cover: 100% soft cotton
  • Downproof: fabric and double stitching guaranteed to keep down safely inside
  • Pillow Protector is available
  • Cruelty-free bedding
  • Certifications:
    Nomite – Suitable for people suffering from house dust allergy
    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – ensuring that doesn't contain harmful substances.

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Firmness  soft medium firm
Filling 70% down, 30% fine feathers 20% down, 80% fine feathers
Cover 100% soft cotton 100% soft cotton
Piping color "champaign" silver

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Hamvay-Láng Neck Roll Pillows – Comfort and Support

Often associated with pain relief, neck roll pillows are designed to aid neck positioning and resting posture. The Hamvay-Láng Neck Roll Pillow has a cylindrical shape that provides exceptional head and neck support, which is ideal for back and side sleepers.

Since neck roll pillows are functionally versatile they can provide comfort and support in many contexts beyond neck pain relief:

  • Extra Support — can be placed under or on top of your existing bed pillow to provide more loft. Reading in bed or watching movies is more comfortable and enjoyable with the extra support.
  • Under Arm Support for Side Sleepers – they can help to support the top side of the body and prevent you from rolling onto your stomach.
  • Orthopedic Pillow — neck roll pillows are frequently used in combination with other pillow types to correct uncomfortable or pain-causing body postures. Commonly used to elevate knees, ankles, or other parts of the body.

Remember to use a pillow protector fitted for our neck roll pillow. 

Hamvay-Láng Neck Roll Pillow – a natural touch

Hamvay-Láng Neck Roll Pillows have been carefully designed. As always, we only work with the finest materials.
The down and the feathers are washed with purified, filtered water. They are not damaged or bleached, their natural cleanness is preserved. Every step of the work is done carefully by hand. The 100% cotton Nomite casing of the pillows makes it ideal for those with allergies as well plus it does not allow any of the fine down to escape.

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Getting a great night’s sleep on authentic Hungarian goose down is an experience you won’t regret. Real Hungarian goose down offers an unparalleled night’s sleep, providing the comfort that you can come to expect from a genuine goose down pillow. Hamvay-Láng offers a trusted source for authentic Hungarian goose down pillows. We are located in Hungary, where we locally source goose down from trusted sellers. Each Neck Roll Pillow is backed by our signature money-back guarantee.



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