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9 Dreamy Bedroom Trends for 2021

Your bedroom is meant for sound sleep for a long stretch. But, it’s more than that. Thus, homeowners should keep authenticity and style in mind whenever they think of decorating their bedroom for guest arrival or other purposes. On the other hand, bedrooms should be comfortable and chic enough for the ‘we’ and ‘you’ time.

2020 has been a restless year in terms of pandemic issues. No doubt, the upcoming years will be kind of similar. And, people will be forced to disconnect from the entire world and spend more time in their homes. In this situation, the bedroom must be tidy and full of fresh interior design ideas to retain peace of mind. 

That’s why we have shortlisted the most trending bedroom design ideas for you. Avail some breathing space along with the pile of furniture with specialist-suggested bedroom design ideas. Let’s get started without further delay.

Feeling Uncomfortable?

According to renowned interior designers all across the globe, clients keep asking about the comfort level when it comes to bedrooms. That’s why experts never skip on the texture factor. Be it the bed linens or the seat beside the window, and the textures should appear smooth enough for the cosier feeling.

The right, calming texture of the bedroom grants you a pleasant feeling. Interior designers keep minimalistic yet luxurious ideas in mind while designing bedrooms for their clients. They discard excessive furniture from the room and approach high-quality window treatments, mattresses, and bedding.

On the other hand, everything-in-white design ideas have never been outdated. Bring on the crisp but smooth experience with your white linens and any darker solid palette with this bedroom trend. Keep playing with textures.

Wooden Graffiti

It’s not only the bed and its surroundings that you can play with. The flooring and wall panelling of the bedroom plays an important role in determining the room’s outlook. Whitewashed wood is one of the most trending wooden options for labelling your bedroom’s flooring and panelling. However, lime-washed wooden texture or cerused wood is another prime choice for homeowners to bring a subtle touch to the bedroom interiors. 

The entire processing of cerused wood includes the application of cream or wax over the wooden panel. Therefore, those tiny grains of the wooden pieces become fairly visible, and those imperfections get highlighted. Thus, they have become spectacularly amazing.

Minimalist Philosophy

The Zen philosophy has inspired interior designers to work on the minimalist approach. And, their efforts haven’t gone in vain. The philosophy is reflected in the homely environment, especially for bedrooms. In addition to this, this is the right bedroom design idea to declutter the surroundings. It requires no further explanation that a clutter-free environment induces stress-less instances. 

And, we have found the ‘less is more’ statement to be true for buzzing bedroom ideas in 2021. Moreover, the minimalistic approach has introduced us to softer palettes, Scandinavian arts, and straight lines. Natural light in the minimalist style brings a new level of refreshment and a comfortable feeling. 

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Perfect for Everyone and Everything

No doubt, the new normal has forced us to pursue work and education from home. And, the same bedroom would turn into boredom if you can’t create a suitable vibe for the bedroom. Keep it as realistic and relevant as it can be when it comes to overall bedroom design ideas. 

The solitude, colour palettes, and overall textures at their places win over the bedroom design melodramas. The trend of bigger and cosier bedrooms involves a shift from darker to lighter colours gradually. However, you can stick to your favourite colour texture and bestow a joyous experience. Work on the procedure of bringing positive energy to your bedroom and experience healthier surroundings.

Paper, Paper on the Wall

Yeah, we’re talking about wallpapers for your bedrooms. It’s been almost a decade or more since wallpapers have come into the scene. You can easily stick to the wallpaper options if you feel that your bedroom lacks enough colour and texture. Additionally, it’s the quickest way to revamp your bedroom without paying enormous bucks.

On the other hand, removable wallpapers are a chic option for your bedroom if you want a makeover that would introduce patterns or graphics in your room. In case you're not afraid of wallpaper installation and removal, then you can opt for being bold with this amazing bedroom design trick.


We love this transition, and most probably, you’ll too. You might have sofas in the bedroom. However, space optimisation can be accomplished with the new and versatile sofa-bed variation. When it comes to a functional bedroom, a sofa-bed is the premium option for your bedroom. Apart from luxurious and in-built options, sofa beds are also available in customised options.

Sofa-beds look sophisticated whether you consider them for office or home. In case you want to achieve a minimalist look, then go for plain fabric or imitation leather. You can also go experimental with colour blocks or bold patterned prints.

Where can you position the sofa-bed, by the way? Well, you can place it facing away from the bed. Or, you can place the furniture near the window. You can fold or unfold it whenever you want. A sofa-bed is a perfect substitute for beds if your bedroom lacks one. Make use of sofa beds for your guests or enjoy reading your favourite book at your comfort.

Artistic Walls

We believe that bedrooms must radiate positive energy. But, bedrooms might appear doomed due to the lack of enough lighting. However, the abundant amount of lighting might even fail if your bedroom has no creativity. And, artworks are enough to provoke a creative mind. Additionally, artistic pieces are not easy to find. So, keep looking for your favourite art style or frame for showcasing them in your bedroom.

However, you can hang your own artwork, too. Make sure that the art pieces match the colour scheme of the bedroom. Moreover, don’t skip the styles, as well. Get the favourite colours hung on your bedroom walls, and add a bit of vibrancy.

Diverse Bed Frame Concepts

When you’re into an interior renovation, and it’s the bedroom, headboards and bed frames can make a difference. The definite type of bed frame can make the statement according to the character of the bedroom. Bed frames might differ from under-bed storage to canopy frames. When it comes to canopy frames, you can hang curtains or any other bed treatments for a luxurious feel.

Under-bed storage can also be divided into Ottoman storage, Get Laid ones, and much more. So, go through the types of bed frames and headboards to know which one will suit the bedroom ambience.

When Tradition Combines with a Pinch of Modern Styling

Are there any 90’s kids? Then, you might remember famous standbys such as wicker and rattan. However, the approach might remain the same, but the styling has changed a bit. For example, you can place a wicker chair in the corner of the bedroom.

How about a rattan bench at the end of the bed? You can customise your bedroom and its styling according to your standby preferences.

Finally, Earth Tones can do the Magic

Bedroom textiles have encountered a huge revolution with earthy colour tones. Whether you are talking about beiges, rust, or brows, warmer hues are in trend. So, check them out for your big and comfortable bedroom designs. And, explore a new bedroom with the shades that you are looking for. 

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