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Benefits of Silver in Bedding Products

December 02, 2018

Benefits of Silver in Bedding Products




In today’s bedding products market, consumers will find a lot of choices. One choice that is increasingly popular is the infusion of fine strands of metals like copper and silver into duvets and comforters, bedding covers, and pillows. Here we’ll take a look at the benefits of silver in bedding products.


Antimicrobial Benefits

Silver is well-known for its antimicrobial properties. Thin threads of silver or small silver particles can be woven into mattresses, quilts, and pillows to help combat bacteria and dust mites. Silver is ideal in preventing living conditions that dust mites thrive in, making silver an attractive option to add into bedding materials. While these benefits are great for any consumer, they are especially welcome for people suffering from allergies of all types, including dust mite allergies.


Anti-Aging Properties

There is some evidence that silver is also beneficial to help aid the appearance of your skin, including reducing instances of acne and to reduce wrinkles. When you sleep on a pillow and pillowcase, for instance, that is infused with silver, it isn’t hard to imagine how the anti-bacterial properties can help kill off any harmful bacteria that can get into your skin and cause problems.


Easy to Care For

Because silver-infused bedding has strong anti-microbial properties, you may be able to go longer in between washes and cleanings. Sheets and pillowcases stay fresher longer, and your pillow, mattress, and comforter may need less care and last longer thanks to the protection they have from harmful bacteria and dust mites.

When you do need to care for your silver-infused bedding products, the process is no different from regular bedding care, making them easy and convenient to care for.


Eco-Friendly and Comfortable

While some may be worried that they will be able to feel the silver woven into their products, especially like pillowcases and sheets, that is not the case. The strands and particles of silver are incredibly fine and easy to incorporate into your bedding products’ fabrics. You won’t notice a difference in the way your bedding feels because of the addition of silver.

A good quality bedding product with silver infused will also stand the test of time. The silver won’t easily degrade after sleeping on it or after washing, so you can enjoy the benefits of this eco-friendly sleep solution for years to come.

Another benefit is that silver is a naturally occurring element, so your new silver-infused bedding utilizes naturally occurring products to create a better sleep experience. Additionally, since silver-infused products can go longer between washings, you will save money on water and detergents, which in turn help the environment, too.


Silver Offers a Natural Upgrade to your Sleep Experience

Just like any industry, the bedding products industry is constantly seeking ways to make consumers’ sleep experiences better. While the infusion of silver into bedding is a fairly new phenomenon, it is one with staying power thanks to positive consumer responses and the science behind the benefits of silver-infused bedding. Those looking for a cleaner, more comfortable sleeping experience should consider silver-infused products as an option.


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