Hungarian Goose Down Comforter, PureHealth (2% Silver)

Get the amazing quality of true Hungarian goose down with an emphasis on health benefits with Hamvay-Láng's PureHealth Hungarian Goose Down Comforter. We’ve enveloped our amazing quality with the power of silver to deliver antimicrobial benefits inside a wonderfully made, comfortable Hungarian Goose Down Comforter. Try the PureHealth comforter today.

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  • Fill: grey Hungarian goose down
  • Tog: 13.5
  • Please contact us if you'd prefer 10.5 tog for year-round purposes.
  • Fill power: 800+
  • Shell: 98% fine cotton, 2% silver threads for various health benefits (see details below)
  • Color: silvery beige
Size Filling Weight Cassettes
Twin 600g / 21.2oz 5x7
Double 860g / 30.3oz 8x9
Queen 1130g / 40oz 8x9
King 1440g / 50.8oz 10x9


The PureHealth duvets and comforters have been designed for those with health concerns, such as allergies, who want to rest easy yet experience amazing quality. This line includes goose down comforters with a special antibacterial shell made of 98% cotton and 2% silver. Each product is comprised of grey goose down, which is the same as white goose down in quality and heat retention – the only difference is the color.


The Health Benefits of Silver in the Covering:

  • The silver in our PureHealth Hungarian Goose Down Pillows is antibacterial and antifungal
  • Its antibacterial power is particularly useful when it comes to linen, which gets soiled fast even under normal circumstances.
  • Silver is also a good conductor of heat, creates an optimal environment for joints and provides an enhanced sense of comfort.
  • Our PureHealth Hungarian Goose Down Pillows can also resist water, oil, and soil better, thanks to silver, and are less likely to wrinkle.
  • Downproof: fabric and double stitching guaranteed to keep down safely inside
  • Cruelty-free bedding
  • Certifications:
    Nomite – Suitable for persons suffering from house dust allergy
    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – ensuring that they don't contain harmful substances.

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100% Real Hungarian Goose Down. 100% Comfort.

The PureHealth Hungarian Goose Down Comforter is backed by the amazing quality and comfort that can only be found at Hamvay-Láng. Unlike other blankets claiming to offer real goose down, our goose down is exclusively sourced from Hungary’s most prestigious sellers. Each stitch is made with care, and the inclusion of silver in the lining has earned Nomite and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certifications. Each PureHealth Hungarian Goose Down Comforter comes with a money-back guarantee.

Hamvay-Láng is committed to delivering you a restful night’s sleep through quality Hungarian goose down bedding products. 

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Our team of bedding experts has committed time and research into creating the perfect comforters for those who want an authentic down comforter for their Twin, Queen, or King bed. We understand that new bedding is an investment, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that you get the most from your money with Hamvay-Láng products

Your best night’s sleep starts today when you order your PureHealth Hungarian Goose Down Comforter.


We deliver bedding perfection

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