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Choosing the Best Goose Down Comforter

3 min read

Choosing the Best Goose Down Comforter





Your comforter plays a considerable role in your sleep quality. When it comes to selecting a comforter that meets your needs, there are a number of factors to take into consideration, including size, design, weight, fill power, and fill material.

When you choose a down comforter, you are choosing a quality option that will help you get a restful night’s sleep. In selecting the best down comforters, there are a number of other factors to take into consideration to assure you select the best comforter to meet your needs.


Pick Your Ideal Size

Down comforters, like other comforters, come in a variety of sizes. Typically, you will select the comforter size that fits your bed sizing. However, you may also opt for a larger size for a more luxurious sleep. For instance, if you have a queen-sized bed, it is fine to choose a king-sized comforter for a little extra space to wrap yourself up in, which is especially welcome during cold nights.

You can also choose the European method for making your bed. If you often fight with your partner over the sheets or duvet in the middle of the night, you may enjoy this variation: one fitted sheet on the bottom, two smaller sized duvets on top.

Love to bundle up? Need a lighter weight cover than your partner? This method ensures that each person can customize their layers just the way they like it.


Design Styles

In addition to size considerations, you will have a number of designs to choose from with your down comforter. To assure a down comforter’s quality, pay attention to the following qualities:

Baffle Box: The highest quality quilts that have the best thermal qualities rely on a baffled construction. This comforter has a checkerboard style construction, but the fabric baffles inside of the comforter help hold the down in place for even heat distribution and assure maximum loft.

Quilt Stitching: While these comforters also have the checkboard style quilting, they do not contain the same fabric insets as the baffle box comforters, which means the potential for less loft and less even heat distribution. This is still a quality option, but you will pay less.

Channel Stitching: This type of comforter has long channels stitched across it to allow for freer movement of the down across the comforter. This can be a good option if one part of your body requires more warmth, as the down can be moved around the comforter.

Gusset: A comforter with gussets has a talker fabric wall along the outer edges which helps promote more loft. They will typically have baffle stitching in them as well, providing a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to even down distribution.


close up of goose down duvet


Selecting Your Ideal Fill Power

Fill power refers to how much loft or fluffiness your comforter has, in addition to dictating the thermal qualities of your comforter. Scientifically speaking, the fill power indicates how much space one ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the larger the down tufts and the softer and warmer your sleep will be.

Some consumers opt to change their comforter out with the season, opting for a lighter comforter in the spring and summer months and a warmer one in the fall and winter. Other consumers will opt for a medium fill comforter to use yearlong and supplement with blankets if needed.


Choose a Luxurious Fill

Hungarian goose down is the best down for your comforter, as it is known for its sumptuous softness, moisture-wicking properties, thermal properties, and durability. Additionally, Hungarian goose down offers a more comfortable sleep, thanks to its lightness and loftiness that promotes a restful night’s sleep. As you are searching for luxurious Hungarian down, it is key to research the company, as many companies in today’s market will claim they use Hungarian goose down while in reality, very few companies actually source their products from Hungary.

While there are a lot of comforter options on the market, a goose down filled comforter is your option for best down comforters. While a quality goose down product may cost a bit more up front, it is definitely an investment you will enjoy for years to come thanks to its incredible thermal qualities, softness, lightness, and durability.


Indulge in better sleep now!

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