Choosing the Perfect Tog for Your Down Duvet

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When it comes to finding the right down duvet, there are many considerations to factor into your decision, but finding the perfect duvet tog is critical to making the right investment. After all, when you’re making an investment in a down duvet queen or down duvet king, then you want to be sure you’ve got a duvet you will love year-round for years to come. That’s why tog is such an important factor – it might even be the most essential key to getting the perfect duvet!


What is Tog?

If you are shopping for down duvets, then you will notice that most duvets have something called a tog rating.Tog is a scientific measurement that quantifies thermal insulation. When you see a lower tog, then the duvet you’re looking at has a lower level of insulation. When you see a higher tog, the duvet has more insulation. It might seem that a higher tog would be ideal, but that’s not always the case. While a higher tog (13.5-15) might be more comfortable for some people, climate is important to remember when purchasing a down duvet. If you need a year-round duvet, then a tog that’s in the middle (10.5) might be just right.


Beautiful 13.5 tog white goose down duvet folded on bed


The Perfect Tog

The perfect tog rating likely won’t be the same for any two people. You have to consider your individual preferences. Does your bedroom stay cold? If so, you might want a higher tog to keep you cozy at night. Do you live in a humid area? If that’s the case, then you might want a lower tog. For summertime, recommended tog ranges from 3 to 7.5. During cooler months, an ideal tog might range from 9-12, and during the winter months, you’ll want the highest tog possible (13.5-15). Of course, if you want a year-round down duvet, then you’ll probably want a tog that falls somewhere in the middle of this range.


At Hamvay-Láng, we specialize in offering down duvet queen and down duvet king with tog ratings for the cold months (13.5) and for year-round use (10.5). If you have any questions about finding the perfect duvet tog, connect with us today!


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