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Down Bedding for the Whole Family

3 min read

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Shopping for bedding for the family can be a fun and exciting experience when you know what you’re looking for. And doing a little research and educating yourself on different materials and fills that are common on today’s bedding marketplace can make the shopping experience less stressful. Knowing what your family’s preferences are for comfort, softness, and warmth are a few things to consider in helping you find the perfect comforters and pillows that will ensure the entire family sleep more peacefully.

While there are a lot of bedding options on the market for you to consider, such as comforter and pillow shell materials, comforter and pillow fill materials, comforter warmth, and pillow firmness, down should top your list as an excellent bedding choice that the whole family will love. Selecting down bedding for the whole family is a great investment that will ensure that your family gets a comfortable night’s sleep and that you’ve spent your money on bedding that will last for many years.


Sizes: from Single to Queen

As is true with comforter and pillows in other fill materials, those filled with down come in a variety of sizes to fit the bedding needs of any member of the family. From a king-sized comforter and king-sized pillows for mom and dad, to a full-sized comforter for a teen daughter, to a twin-sized comforter and pillow for the youngest child’s bed, down bedding can be purchased in a variety of sizes to meet every family member’s needs.


comforter and bed sizes chart


Everyone loves Comfort and Warmth

Choosing down bedding for the whole family is an excellent choice not only for the thermal and comfort qualities it delivers but also for the health benefits a quality down comforter and pillow can deliver. High-quality down, especially Hungarian goose down, is a natural material, so you can assure you’re delivering a safe and natural bedding option to your family. For additional comfort and consideration for your family’s health, selecting a down bedding product that is Oeko-Tex and Nomite Certified is a great option, helping to prevent allergens like dust mites. Selecting an anti-allergen fabric that protects your down comforter or pillow is an added level of protection for your family and helps them achieve a great night’s sleep.

Another feature that you can find in some higher-quality bedding products is the inclusion of silver microfibers woven into the bedding materials. When down filling is paired with silver in the comforter or pillow’s lining, you can be assured you’re adding an extra level of cleanliness, comfort, and sanitation to your family’s sleep experience. Silver is a proven anti-microbial and anti-fungal material, and it is known to help distribute heat better while whisking away moisture, maintaining a cleaner sleep environment for your whole family.


A Wise Investment

Since down bedding can be purchased in a variety of fill powers, you can feel confident that your family will get a restful night’s sleep. Every member of the family will love a down comforter that meets their temperature needs, and each family member will appreciate the luxurious sleep experience that soft, fluffy down bedding provides. When you invest in down bedding for the whole family, you’re making an investment in a quality product that assures your family’s sleep health and comfort for years to come.


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience!


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