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Finding The Best Goose Down Duvet

March 15, 2019

Finding The Best Goose Down Duvet




A duvet is a wise choice if you’re looking for long-lasting, versatile, comfortable bedding. When choosing a duvet, you will undoubtedly be faced with a long list of options, but we’re here to help you make the best decision possible by pointing out some of the most important factors when it comes to buying a down duvet.


Duvet Tog

When searching for a down duvet, you might come across the term “tog”. Tog refers to the thermal variance you can expect from a down duvet. Tog ranges from light to extra-warm. For instance, if you see a duvet with a tog of 1.5, then that would be a summer duvet, while a 16.5 tog would be an ideal choice for a cold winter. A middle-range tog might be used for year-round purposes.


Know Your Filling

Fillings come in synthetic and natural options, including down, feathers, cotton, and wool.Hamvay-Láng’s down duvets are natural and health-conscious. Before deciding on a duvet, be sure to find the filling that will work best for you. Synthetic blends might be cheaper, but natural will provide a more luxurious experience.


White hungarian goose down duvet on bed


Find Your Size

If you’re going for a perfect fit, then choose a duvet that fits the size of your mattress: If you have a queen size bed, you might go with the standard queen size goose down duvet and goose down pillows. Many people prefer an oversized duvet, and if that suits you, then you’d want to choose a duvet that’s larger than your current mattress.


Explore Designs

Duvets come in a variety of designs, and while there’s no right or wrong choice here, you’ll want to make sure this is a choice you can live with. Down duvets tend to last a long time! A few things to look for might include:a down duvet must be chambered, or the down will gradually drift into the corners, leaving the center empty and cold, also look for sturdy stitching.


Now that you know some of the most important things to look for when shopping for a duvet, we invite you to explore our selection of down duvets!


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience!


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