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How to Choose a Good Pillow?

3 min read

How to Choose a Good Pillow?




While people often spend a lot of time researching and testing out mattresses, understanding the importance a mattress can have in facilitating a restful night’s sleep, many people don’t invest the same time in selecting a pillow that meets their needs and supports peaceful sleep.

When you take the time to find the right pillow and invest in it, you are investing in yourself and your health. The wrong pillow can not only rob you of sleep but also create aches and pains that take away from everyday life.

What type of pillow is best for you depends largely on how you sleep. Are you a side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? Your sleep position will offer some important clues into which pillow is perfect for you. The perfect pillow should hold its shape without continual fluffing and support your head and keep it in alignment with your neck and shoulders. Here are some tips on what to look for based on your sleep style.


Back Sleepers

Back sleepers benefit most from thinner, softer pillows that help keep the head neutral and in alignment with the neck and shoulders. Too much loft will prop you up too much, causing aches and pains due to unnatural alignment. A pillow that has more loft, or height, near the bottom will help gently cradle your neck, providing a comfortable sleep position.

The smaller pillows of Hamvay-Láng are recommended for back sleepers.


Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require the thinnest pillows out of the three sleep positions. A thin pillow will help keep your body in alignment, but it does put extra pressure on your back. Some stomach sleepers benefit from using no pillow at all.


Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require firm pillows with great support that help nestle and cradle the space between the ear and shoulders. Side sleepers can also benefit from a second pillow placed between the knees, which helps keep the spine in alignment.

All pillows of Hamvay-Láng are recommended for side sleepers.


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The Secret is in the Filling

In addition to finding the pillow that is the perfect level of firmness to support your sleep habits and positions, it is important to consider what type of fill is in your pillow. There are a few types of common fillings you will find in today’s pillows, including down, feathers, memory foam, and synthetics like polyester.

Synthetic fillings, namely polyester, is the least expensive of the filling options. While it provides decent support and will last a while, it is not nearly as durable or comfortable as other options.

Memory foam is a springy material that forms to the shape of your head as it rests on the pillow. It easily conforms to the shape of the head, but the cost can be quite expensive for a quality memory foam pillow.

If you are looking for an option that gently cradles your head and is malleable, a feather or down pillow is your best option. These fillings also add a level of warmth to them that the other filling options don’t have. But when choosing between a feather or down pillow, a down pillow is the better option. Down is much softer, meaning that you won’t have the sharp ends of feathers poking through your pillow and disturbing your sleep. 


Peaceful Nights Begin with a Great Pillow

Don’t overlook the ability of your pillow to deliver an excellent night’s rest. Researching your options and understanding your needs based on your sleep position is one good place to start. Understanding the differences between the different pillow fills and which one offers the best quality products while delivering the most restful night’s sleep is another.


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