Sleep Guidelines & Helpful Tips During Lockdown

Sleep Guidelines & Helpful Tips During Lockdown

We're all going a bit stir crazy during lockdown; it's tough not being able to go out and do the things we want. While this instruction is necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, it has the unfortunate side effect of wreaking havoc on our sleep schedules.

It's crucial for our immune systems that we continue to keep a schedule so that when the world re-opens, we're ready for it. A right mattress can make all the difference in a healthy sleep schedule. 

A consistent routine, even if you don't have anywhere to be, is crucial in keeping a good sleep schedule and staying healthy. It would help if you also looked into the food you are eating, and when you are eating it, to maximize the amount of restful sleep you get.

Staying active and limiting your naps is also essential in maintaining healthy sleep schedules and patterns. We can all demonstrate self-care by allowing ourselves to get the right amount of sleep.

The Right Mattress

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If you're not sleeping properly, you may experience issues with concentration and focus. A disrupted sleep schedule can impact your entire day. Knowing that you have a quality mattress that's perfect for you can make it a little easier to want to go to bed. has the list of this year’s best mattresses, no matter what position you use to sleep.

Speaking of which, you must pay attention to your sleep position; the right type of mattress for the way you lay in bed ensures you get a comfortable night’s rest. If you're a side sleeper trying to lay on a mattress that is too firm, you're not going to feel so great in the morning.

Alternatively, if you're a back sleeper trying to lay on a mattress that is too soft, be prepared to stretch as soon as you get out of bed. The right choice of bed is crucial when it comes to proper sleep.

Keep A Consistent Routine

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Although you may not be able to get up and go to work, it's still important to act like you are going to. A consistent routine will keep your schedule intact for when its time to resume regular activity. 

A great example of this is kids on summer break from school need to get back on schedule. In the last two weeks of the summer, they have to start going to bed earlier so that they'll be awake on time for school. It's the same thing for adults.

Keeping a consistent routine will make it easier to slide back into your regular schedule when it's time. You won't have to worry about being groggy or up too late, because you'll have a set process that keeps you alert and active.

Don't Eat Before Bed

Part of good sleep is a healthy diet. Eating before bed can contribute to weight gain. It's not because your digestive system slows down, though, but because midnight snacks add extra calories.

Eating a heavy meal before bed can often cause an increase in nightmares. Nightmares are produced by additional brain activity while your metabolism works to digest your food.

Nightmares aren't conducive to a decent night of sleep. So if you're working hard to maintain a consistent routine, you'll want to avoid any midnight snacking.

Stay Active

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Physical activity is a significant part of your general health. The harder you work during the day, the easier it is to fall asleep at night and be well-rested. Adults should get at least 5 hours of moderate-intensity activity a week. 

Physical activity will help you keep a consistent routine, but it also has the added benefits of boosting your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins that allow you to feel happier and calmer. 

And of course, physical activity, coupled with a healthy diet, increases your chance of losing or maintaining a healthy weight.


We've covered the essential things, now let's take a look at a few extra tips for a restful sleep.

Your bed is for sleep - Don't lay in bed to read or play on your phone; you'll likely end up making excuses to read one more page or finish an extra game level instead of sleeping. 

Take multivitamins - It's crucial to keep your immune system in tip-top shape!

Meditate - We're living in stressful times. Try some yoga or meditation to keep your stress levels low.

Limit Napping - Naps can throw your whole sleep schedule off, limit them as often as you can, and try to keep them under an hour.


Self-care is so important in these stressful times. The easiest way to show yourself some love is to splurge on the mattress that is right for your body and sleep position. It's also crucial that you keep a consistent routine so that you are ready to get back to work when your city opens up again. Try not to eat before bed so that you can get a restful sleep.

Staying active is vital; not only does it help you keep a consistent routine, but it's essential for your all-around health. Meditation and multivitamins also go hand in hand with healthy living. 

Finally, keeping a proper sleep schedule is so important. Try to limit your naps and use your bed only for sleeping. Following these guidelines and tips during the lockdown and you will be relaxed and refreshed in no time!


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