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Why is Goose Down Good for You?

November 04, 2018

Why is Goose Down Good for You?



Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy comforter? A soft and fluffy pillow? Anyone who has experienced the luxurious softness of down comforters, pillows, and other bedding will hands down tell you that goose down provides the best all-around sleep experiences.


What is Goose Down and What Makes It Ideal?

Down is the soft, fluffy material below fowls’ outer feathers. Down is known for its softness and its thermal qualities. Of all the types of down available, goose down is considered the finest on the market and ideal for bedding filling. The down that comes from geese is generally clustered in larger segments than other types of down, like duck down, for example, meaning that goose down produces a higher fill power for bedding like comforters and pillows. Higher fill powers generally equate to more warmth and exquisite softness. Goose down is also more resilient and more durable than duck down, meaning a goose down product will often last longer and offer greater comfort.


Why Goose Down is Better than Other Fill Alternatives 

Goose down is an ideal alternative to other types of bedding filling like feathers or synthetic fills. Down is soft and fine, and it holds heat very well, which is especially appreciated during those cold winter nights when nothing else seems to warm you up.

When it comes to warmth and softness, goose down is the ultimate winner. While a goose down comforter will most certainly keep you warm, the good news is it is still lightweight and easy to move around. You’ll feel like you’re enveloped in a soft, cozy cloud. Due to the warming down in the comforter, which creates height and loft, a down comforter will hold your body heat very well, while a down pillow will gently cradle your head, providing maximum comfort.

Another benefit of a goose down is its breathability. While the luxurious goose down will keep you warm and your head nestled softly on your pillow all night, it also has moisture wicking properties that do not trap perspiration, keeping you cool and dry all night long. This means a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to ultimate body temperature regulation.

An investment in down bedding will last for years. While generally more expensive than synthetic- fill comforters and pillows or cheaper standard quality down, a goose down product will maintain its composure for longer and is easy to maintain. As synthetic-fill products age, the fill will begin to deteriorate, reducing the heat maintenance capabilities and your comfort. With a goose down, this is not the case. Your down product will maintain its loft and fill longer than other bedding options on the market so you can enjoy warmer, more comfortable, more restful sleep for years to come.


Worth the Investment

While the cost of goose down bedding is typically higher than other types of bedding available, the price tag is worth the investment. Goose down provides a wealth of benefits and beats out the competition when it comes to warmth and durability. With your goose down comforter or pillow, you can be sure you are investing in many years of warm and comfortable sleep.


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