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Why is Hungarian Goose Down Bedding So Special?


We all know that goose down bedding is a luxury, but there’s a lot that most people don’t know about goose down. For instance, what exactly is down and what kind is best? In this article, we’ll discuss a few ins and outs when it comes to goose down, as well as why Hungarian goose down is the most sought-after variety.

What goose down actually is?

First of all, let’s consider what goose down actually is and what makes it so special. Goose down is a type of feather that grows closest to the goose’s body. This type of feather is made for insulation and helps keep the goose warm in cold climates. The qualities of down are what make it so desirable for pillows and comforters. When used for bedding, down offers a light yet reliable insulation.

Generally speaking, goose down is a light, soft, fine type of feather that clusters together. Since it clusters together, it can join together to create the insulation we know and love in terms of goose down bedding. When it’s joined together, however, it still lets air pass through its filaments, yielding to a lightweight feel that help people get a more restful night’s sleep. 

Various Kinds of Down

Believe it or not, there are more than one kind of down. Geese live around the world, but no two kinds of down are designed the same way. Geese living in colder climates do, in fact, create a different kind of down, and this can typically be seen as a more sought-after variety.

If you’ve heard of down, then you might not have realized that there were various kinds. For instance, you can choose between Siberian, Canadian, and Hungarian goose down. Not only are there different kinds and qualities of goose down, but various kinds of goose down can be harvested differently based on the region where it’s found. With that said, the company and their sourcing methods can be highly sought after, as well as the kind of down. 

Why Hungarian Goose Down is the Best?

Hungarian geese have adapted over the course of thousands of years to the harsh cold climate, and their down reflects this amazing adaptation. Hungarian goose down is simply the softest and finest, offering the height of quality and comfort without sacrificing thermal properties and a lightweight feel that people around the world absolutely love.

With all of that said, out of the various kinds of down that you might come across as you shop for goose down bedding, authentic Hungarian goose down comforters and pillows will always offer a superior feel. It’s the most highly sought-after type of down on the market, and down from Hamvay-Láng is always sourced consciously. That’s why we’ve become an industry leader in Hungarian goose down bedding! 

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