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Why is Sleep Important?

 A Subjective Take on Quality Sleep

No matter whether you ask someone who sleeps well or someone who suffers from a severe sleep disorder, they will more or less define a good night’s sleep in the same way. Your quality of sleep depends on your perception of the time spent awake and asleep. 


Consequently, the time spent awake – how energetic or tired you feel during the day – significantly impacts how you assess sleep quality. And there are some basic questions you go through.

How much time does it take you to fall asleep?

Over 27% of people toss and turn for more than 30 minutes before falling asleep. At the same time, regularly managing to fall asleep within half an hour is a major step towards quality sleep, a truly relaxing and regenerating slumber. 

How many times do you wake up during the night?

In fact, it’s extremely rare for someone to sleep through the night without waking up once. Drinking a glass of alcohol or a cup of coffee in itself may be enough to interfere with your optimal sleep cycle. Leaving the TV on doesn’t help restful sleep either. Sleeping through the night is hampered by a number of factors, still, if you want to spend daylight hours well-rested and full of energy, you should ideally not wake up during the night. 

How much time do you spend awake during the night?

Since you rarely get an undisturbed night’s sleep, it’s worth considering how much you toss and turn at night before finally falling back asleep. In case of good quality sleep, the time spent this way should not exceed 20 minutes per night. 

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The Science of Quality Sleep

Since the end of the 80s, the scientific community has tried to create a new basis for the assessment of sleep quality. With the challenges of the modern age, more and more psychosomatic and lifestyle diseases have appeared and this, in turn, has created a need for extensive research into sleep.

Insufficient sleep has been cited as a contributing factor to a growing number of diseases. It is one of the fundamental roles of sleep to maintain the circadian rhythm of the body. If this rhythm is disturbed, your bodily processes are thrown off balance. This greatly affects your general physical and mental state.
Poor sleep heightens the risk of conditions such as increasingly common heart diseases, diabetes, and depression, and may play a major role in aggravating the symptoms of other mental disorders.

Researchers have felt that if they established some fundamental factors of sleep, they would come closer to evaluating it, and later on monitoring changes in its pattern.

The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)

The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index is a simple and efficient tool. It is one of the most widely accepted indicators used for sleep assessment.
In order to evaluate sleep, the index differentiates between seven key components.

Respondents rated on a 0–3 interval scale how well or badly they slept in the last 30 days based on the criteria outlined. (0 is the best rating, while 3 is the worst)

How would you rate your sleep quality based on the criteria below? (0-3 points)

  • subjective overall sleep quality
  • sleep latency
  • sleep duration
  • sleep efficiency (number of hours slept/ number of hours spent in bed)
  • sleep disturbances
  • use of sleep medication
  • daytime dysfunction or sleeping disorder

Have you added up your points? What result did you get?

If your final result is zero or close to zero, congratulations!
However, the higher the number, the further your daily rest and regeneration deviate from what would be desired and healthy, in other words, optimal.

Quality Sleep at Home, in Your Everyday Life

When it comes to sleeping well, we firmly believe in both the quality and the scientific approach. How many hours you sleep a day varies.
Therefore, you need something that is constant. Something of quality.


All our pillows, duvets, and comforters are made by hand. This is the first guarantee for consistently exceptional quality. Secondly, all our bedding is filled with real, carefully sorted Hungarian goose down. This is the other constant.

We know that the quality of sleep begins with restful slumber. How long should it last? As a matter of fact, if conditions are ideal, the quantity is slightly less important.

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If your surroundings are optimal, your bed is comfortable, your pillow and duvet or comforter are of high quality, it does not matter whether you sleep six or nine hours, you will do so under ideal conditions. If your time in bed is spent better, you will be more active, and your quality of life will improve.

Customers of Hamvay-Láng do not spend hours tossing and turning. They mostly go to bed, ‘sleep like a baby’ and wake up well-rested the next day.

Natural, soft goose down bedding has a more powerful effect on your nights (and days) than you would think. This is the first step towards healthy and complete regeneration.

Hamvay-Láng is a family business, where our goal is to help our customers sleep carefree. We offer top-of-the-line Hungarian bedding products. We neither sell mass-produced goods, nor inferior quality.

Our headquarters are in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Our partners operate in several picturesque locations in the countryside, where they manufacture our goose down pillows and duvets surrounded by nature.
We then ship our products from the capital city to anywhere around the globe. It is a great source of pride that the quality of our 
original Hungarian goose down is now known across five continents.

Pillows and duvets that perfectly align with your posture, filled with light and soft Hungarian goose down. Healthy, relaxing and soft, all the while firmly supporting your resting head and body.
Needless to say, they are beautiful as well. Bedding that will truly adorn your bed. When you rest your head, you will be surrounded by the soothing atmosphere of luxury.

Can you lead a life of quality without quality sleep? In the long run – definitely not. In any case, why would you want to? Make a conscious choice so you can lead a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of your everyday life.

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