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Can Down Bedding Be Good for your Health?

March 22, 2019

Can Down Bedding Be Good for your Health?




When choosing bedding, we often try to find the most stylish or comfortable pieces, but how often do we actually consider health benefits? The truth is, down bedding can be stylish, comfortable, and healthy. Hamvay-Láng has carefully crafted selections of down pillows and comforters that offer an amazing night’s sleep and various health benefits.


The Silver Lining 

We all know the phrase “the silver lining”, but in the case of many of our down comforters and pillows, the silver lining is real silver. Silver has a long list of health properties as a purifier and cleanser, and it can even help keep your bedding cleaner for longer.


why silver is useful in bedding textile fabric


The Hamvay-Láng Difference

All of our down comforters and pillows are made with natural materials. Synthetics can often contain chemicals and dyes that trigger allergies and other negative health issues, including asthma. By using all natural materials, we are ensuring a level of purity that’s hard to find.


Allergen Free

Down pillows and comforters are sought after by people everywhere for their luxurious feel, but down allergy sufferers have long avoided using down. All Hamvay-Láng down pillows and comforters come with downproof covers (fabric and stitching guaranteed to keep down safely inside), to ensure that you get a great’s night sleep, even if you have allergy problems.


Speaking of a Good Night's Sleep

When you get a great night’s sleep, your mind and body are refreshed and renewed. The psychological impact of a good night’s sleep is huge. If you’ve been searching for tips for healthy sleep, don’t underestimate the importance of comfortable down bedding!


Who knew bedding could be healthy? When you choose Hamvay-Láng Hungarian goose down comforters and pillows, you are making a healthy choice that will lead to amazing sleep and better days.


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience!


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