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Hamvay-Láng is a family-owned Hungarian company that delights in sharing Hungarian goose down with people across the globe. Driven by quality craftsmanship and the passionate pursuit of helping people achieve the perfect night’s sleep, HAMVAY-LÁNG crafts one of the finest Hungarian goose down comforters and duvets in the world. We use 100% real Hungarian goose down and natural materials and each HAMVAY-LÁNG product is hand-made so you can feel good about your purchase and be assured it is of the highest quality. And since we are located in Hungary and source our down from here, you can be assured you are getting an authentic goose down comforter that you will cherish for years to come.


Hamvay-Láng PureDelight pillows and comforters are filled with white Hungarian goose down, offering authentic goose down bedding for anyone craving the look and feel of authentic down. The shell is made with a silky sateen edged with delicate piping to create the softest feel possible. Authentic, luxury quality inside and out adds up to a perfect combination of rest and pampering. 


PureHealth pillows and comforters have been designed for those with health concerns, such as allergies, who want to rest easy yet experience amazing quality. This line includes goose down comforters with a special antibacterial shell made of 98% cotton and 2% silver. Each product is comprised of grey goose down, which is the same as white goose down in quality and heat retention – the only difference is the color.

The silver lining in the covering of our goose down products offers a number of advantages:

  • Silver inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.
  • This antibacterial power works exceptionally in linens, which get soiled fast under normal situation.
  • Silver is a known heat conductor, and this allows for an optimal down pillow temperature and comfort.
  • Silver increases the water, oil, and soil resistant qualities of goose down pillows. This makes it resistant to wrinkling and microbes, fresher to the touch, and easier to clean.

All our down beddings are Oeko-Tex and Nomite certified.

Oeko-tex certificationNomite certification


Never Settle for Less

A comfortable night’s sleep on luxurious bedding should never be unattainable. Sleep should be a joyful experience, and your bedding should help create it. But we have all had an experience where our bedding and pillows have been less than comfortable. And with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know what comforters, sheets, and pillows are best. And worse, some companies falsely advertise their products, so you never know if that Hungarian goose down pillow or duvet is the real deal. We know the frustration. That’s why we’re here: to help create a quality sleep experience through exceptional bedding and honesty. Explore HAMVAY-LÁNG and explore luxurious sleep experiences for all.


We deliver bedding perfection

Simply put, Hamvay-Láng goose down pillows and comforters equate to bedding perfection. Using only the highest quality natural materials and Hungarian goose down, we ensure an unparalleled sleeping experience that makes going to bed the highlight of your day. The silver in the bedding protects you from harmful bacteria and the silky sateen shell adds a luxurious touch that truly makes a difference.


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Our team of bedding experts has committed time and research into creating the perfect down pillows and comforters. We understand that new bedding is an investment, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that you get the most from your money with Hamvay-Láng products. If you have any questions or concerns with your new goose down pillow or comforter, we urge you to reach out to our friendly customer support team, who is always available to answer your questions.


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