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Down Bedding 101 – What You Need to Know

 When searching for the perfect bedding, you’ve probably come across down bedding. You might have many questions about down bedding and how to find the best goose down comforter or pillow. In this quick guide, we’ll explore a few features and things you need to know about down bedding! 

What is Down?

Down is the layer of feathers found beneath the tough exterior feathers. Down clusters – tiny feathers with no quills – grow closest to the skin of the goose, where their main function is to maintain the body heat. They perform the same function when filled into bedding – to insulate and keep you warm. Down is known for its softness and luxurious feel, which is why it’s a prime choice for blankets, comforters, duvets, and pillows. 

Why is Hungarian Goose Down Different?

The special qualities of Hungarian goose down come from the breeding heritage of Hungarian geese and the country’s climate. Hungary is well-known for long, cold winters. Hungarian geese have adapted over the past 1,000-plus years to survive in the harshest weather conditions, meaning their feathers provide them with the insulation they need to survive. Thus, their down is highly desirable for its thermal qualities. Hungarian goose down has long been considered the most luxurious comforter and pillow filling in the world because of this, rewarding sleepers with a comfortable and restful nights’ sleep.

What is Tog?

If you are shopping for down duvets, then you will notice that most duvets have something called a tog rating. Tog is a scientific measurement that quantifies thermal insulation. When you see a lower tog, then the duvet you’re looking at has a lower level of insulation. When you see a higher tog, the duvet has more insulation. It might seem that a higher tog would be ideal, but that’s not always the case. Low tog (3-4.5) is usually a great choice for the summer months, while higher tog is typically seen in the colder months (13.5-15). A middle of the road tog (10.5) would be ideal for year-round use, in most cases.


While perusing goose down comforters and goose down pillows, you will also see varying size availability. If you have a queen size bed, you might go with the standard queen size goose down comforter and goose down pillows. However, if you want an oversize comforter and larger pillows, then you would want to go with the king size.

There is simply no comparison to authentic goose down products! We hope this guide helps you in your search for the perfect goose down comforter or pillows!

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